Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials Available During:

Monday-Saturday: 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Lunch and House Specials Come With:

  • Hot & Sour Soup or Egg Drop Soup (75¢ Extra for Take-Out)
  • Egg Roll or Crab Puffs
  • Served with Fried Rice, White Rice, or Brown Rice
  • Oil-Free and Gluten-Free Cooking Available Upon Request

*Indicates Spicy Dishes

Meat Specials $6.99

  • Almond Chicken
  • Broccoli Chicken or Beef
  • Cashew Chicken
  • Curry Chicken or Beef
  • General Tso’s Chicken*
  • Green Pepper Chicken or Beef
  • Chicken or Beef Lo Mein
  • Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce
  • Chicken or Beef Chop Suey
  • Chicken or Beef w/ Mixed Vegetables
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan
  • Mongolian Chicken or Beef*
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork
  • Pork w/ Bean Sprouts
  • Twice Cooked Pork*
  • Kung Pao Chicken*

House Specials $9.75 (Served All Day Long)

  • Orange Chicken
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Chicken Chow Mein
  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp
  • Mongolian Shrimp*
  • Shrimp Lo Mein
  • Sesame Beef

Shrimp Specials $7.99

  • Almond Shrimp
  • Cashew Shrimp
  • Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetables
  • Shrimp Chop Suey
  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp
  • Kung Pao Shrimp*
  • Shrimp w/ Broccoli

Vegetarian Specials $6.99

  • Curry Tofu
  • Kung Pao Tofu*
  • Ma Po Tofu*
  • Mongolian Tofu*
  • Tofu w/ Mixed Vegetables
  • Tofu w/ Black Bean Sauce
  • Tofu w/ Broccoli
  • Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce
  • Vegetable Chop Suey
  • Kung Pao Vegetables*
  • Black Mushroom Snow Peas
  • Vegetable Delight

Vegetarian Meat Specials $7.99

  • Vegi. Chicken or Beef w/ Mixed Vegetables
  • Vegi. Chicken or Beef w/ Broccoli
  • Vegi. Chicken or Beef Chop Suey
  • Vegi. Chicken or Beef w/ Black Bean Sauce
  • Curry Vegi. Chicken or Beef
  • General Tso’s Vegi Chicken*
  • Mongolian Vegi. Chicken or Beef*
  • Sweet & Sour Vegi. Chicken
  • Kung Pao Vegi. Chicken or Beef*
  • Vegi. Chicken w/ Snow Peas

Golden House Chinese

Our Location

9431 E 22nd Street, #127
Tucson, AZ, US 85710
Phone: (520) 886-0918

Our Hours:
Sun: 3:00PM - 8:00PM
Mon-Thu: 11:00AM - 9:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM - 9:30PM
Sat: 11:00AM - 9:00PM

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Aisha Henry
Aisha Henry
14:45 13 Oct 19
We actually got there a little bit late while meeting family and they closed at 9pm. We got there close to 8:30. Usually, you think that the place would re-heat items or whatever but EVERYTHING was hot, fresh and so tasty. They have a vegetarian/vegan part on the menu. My mother has a severe pork allergy and they took great care in making sure to take great care in making sure that nothing was prepared in a previous pan with pork. I mean, they went above AND beyond in their dishes. They made my picky sister who loves garlic and veggies and even though what she wanted wasn't on the menu, they made it for her anyway. Did all this with a smile and I REALLY enjoyed the visit even more because everything was so delicious. No matter who's food we were trying, you couldn't go wrong! You have to try this experience, you won't regret it😍read more
gretchen steiner
gretchen steiner
13:54 03 Oct 19
Amazing little place on the east side. Delicious and healthy Chinese food. The family that owns it is super nice. Thank you for all the gluten free options!
02:00 07 Sep 19
Amazing food and service - one of our new go-to restaurants! I’m vegan and my partner is gluten-free, and both of our restrictions are served well by Golden House. Lots of options for both of us - almost any dish can be customized if you ask. Everything we’ve had was delicious, including the sesame chicken/veg chicken, rice lo mein, and orange chicken. The atmosphere is friendly and service is great! Super friendly servers and cashier. It’s always a pleasure coming in.
Carrie Estes
Carrie Estes
05:26 25 Aug 19
Amazing!! The food has been so much better when bought out. We used to go with the previous owners but it was only for some quick fried rice and some egg drop soup. WOW!! Now, everything is so fresh and tastes awesome, you can really tell the owners have put a lot into making it good and it definitely shows :)
Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
15:41 20 Aug 19
The food is excellent, the service is good, and it is reasonably priced. You can get your food normal, gluten free, vegan, and you can get vegan gluten-free. It has a very nice atmosphere.
Shellie Whitman
Shellie Whitman
00:11 10 Aug 19
Food was very good. MSG free. Gluten free options. Staff is very nice.
Diana Zatarain
Diana Zatarain
23:34 30 Jul 19
I had an amazing meal, as always! Healthy Chinese food... the Ma Po Tofu is slightly spicy, and absolutely delicious! The dumplings were flavorful, and egg roll yummy! I’m looking forward to trying their Chinese eggplant dishes next time!
peter labella
peter labella
18:04 30 Jul 19
I ordered a large dinner, several items, to be delivered. The food was very good, tasty, ample portions. The curry dish was excellent. I will return/reorder.
May Gilley
May Gilley
00:08 30 Jul 19
The BEST Chinese food in Tucson, or anywhere:) I am from the East Coast and the food here is better than anything I’ve had in NY Also, the sweetest people. And, they have great vegan options!
03:04 18 May 19
The service is good and the tofu and broccoli is great, but the ice water tasted gross. I decided to get a Sierra Mist and that tasted like a glass of poison. Bring your own beverage??? The fortune cookie was stale but the fortune was accurate.
Regina Crisman
Regina Crisman
03:11 09 May 19
What a great find! So glad we discovered this place. Great food. Great service. They treated us like regulars. Our new go-to restaurant when we're visiting Tucson. 👍🙂
Kathy Leonard
Kathy Leonard
19:52 08 May 19
Dined here yesterday for lunch with a friend at her recommendation for healthy Chinese food. Golden did not disappoint! The service was excellent. The restaurant was clean and the food superb! I had the Chicken and Broccoli with garlic sauce. All cooked to perfection. I had never had hot sour soup before, and tried it.... very tasty! My only negative is the egg roll. I lived near NYC and the egg rolls there are 3-4 times the size. The egg rolls here and most Chinese places in Tucson may be more traditional, but my preference is the larger egg roll. There was nothing wrong with the flavor, just a preference. I will return, and I have already recommended this restaurant to a group of ladies who meet once a month for lunch! Can't wait to return!read more
Minstrel White
Minstrel White
13:23 02 May 19
The food was good and the prices were very reasonable. Great service too.
George Epps
George Epps
13:30 26 Apr 19
Our new favorite vegan and vegetarian Asian food restaurant. Well prepared food in a clean and friendly environment. Servers very knowledgeable about plant based ingredients and make sure your order is perfect.
04:00 21 Mar 19
Best Chinese food I've had since coming back to the US! The food wasn't super salty or overly fried like most Chinese restaurants I've been to in the area. The vegetables were nice and crisp too. The staff were very friendly and the service was excellent. I would highly recommend and will certainly be back!
Kia Williams
Kia Williams
17:15 22 Dec 18
I have been coming to this restaurant for years, since I was a little girl. When I realized that they had sold it I stopped going. I was scared to try it for 5 years! When I finally got the guts to try it again I was both ecstatic and disappointed at the same time! Disappointed I had deprived myself of the deliciousness that is Golden House for 5 years. Ecstatic the food was consistently delicious. The decor is improved and it's warm and inviting and the service is exceptional.
Riss Hitchcock
Riss Hitchcock
20:44 17 Dec 18
Golden House is a rare Gem! They are amazing. Beautiful and kind staff. The menu is incredible and their food is so delicious. They offer many options for people that have allergies and special food requests. I will keep coming back, even if I have to travel far!!!
Gerard Raneri Your Mobile Dog Trainer
Gerard Raneri Your Mobile Dog Trainer
01:49 12 Oct 18
First, let’s talk about the food! It’s really good and it’s Fresh! You will not get dried out rice with dinner. You will not get tough meats. All the veggies are snapping fresh all the time. The food is great quality and you get honest value for your money. In fact they have a super lunch special too. . Now for the Staff; this family restaurant has wonderful service. They remember the customers by name. They make you feel welcome every time I walk through the door. I also see they treat everyone that walks through their doors that way. I’ve taken my time to write this review because I sincerely like the food, the owners as well as the staff. They have build a great business and I’m happy to leave this review for them. Please go check them out, you’ll be a raving fan too!read more
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